Learn about the paperwork in advance, so you’ll be prepared when you are ready to make an offer. Don’t forget that your Ruhl&Ruhl Realtor will be with you every step of the way to help.

Pre-Approval Letter

You want to have this in-hand before you even search. It approves your ability to purchase a home and will be a necessary component to any offer you make. Haven’t met with a lender or want a second opinion? Learn more about Ruhl Mortgage.

Exclusive Buyers Agreement

This legally binding contract outlines the services provided by the agent, the nature of the agency relationship, and how the agent will be compensated. It ensures transparency and protection for both the buyer and the agent by clearly defining expectations and responsibilities. The agreement specifies the agent’s duties, such as searching for properties, arranging showings, and assisting in negotiations. It also details the buyer’s responsibilities, like providing accurate financial information and submitting offers through the agent. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings and builds a trustworthy partnership.

Buyer’s Agent Agreement

Your real estate agent will ask you to sign an agency document. It is a contract between you and the brokerage. In it, the agent promises to protect your best interests during the entire transaction, and you agree that the agent is your representative. It also outlines the terms of your relationship with the agent (e.g., the length of the agreement, terms for terminating the agreement, etc.

Seller Disclosures

By law, sellers are required to disclose certain problems with the home (past and present) that could affect the homes’ value; for example, any issues with mechanicals, structure of the house or the property itself. If the home is built prior to 1978, the seller needs to note if there is lead-based paint. You’ll need to review these disclosures in detail with your agent during the process of making an offer.

Purchase Agreement

This is a legally binding contract that confirms that both sides agree upon terms, for example, the purchase price, inspections or contingencies, financing, earnest money, and length of time until closing. Often, discussing the details of this document opens negotiations between you and the seller because it encompasses all aspects of the transaction.

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